Unique opportunity!

Now you can get the 9.is domain for rent. This offer is only valid until midnight on February 29th, 2024. If no one has rented the domain at the end of that day, it will no longer be available, but will be taken off the market and used for a specific service.

What is offered?

You can make a lease for 1-10 years. Larger payment at the beginning, the remainder divided into quarters, right up to the beginning of the 6th year. Year 6 to 10 are fully paid in advance each year.

What is the rental amount?

1 year contract:
USD 600K for the year, divided to smaller payments.

2 year contract:
USD 1,1M for two years, divided to smaller payments.

3 year contract:
USD 1,5M for three years, divided to smaller payments.

4 year contract:
USD 1,8M for four years, divided to smaller payments.

5 year contract:
USD 2M for five years, divided to smaller payments.

For every year after 5th year up to 10 years:
USD 100K each year. (whole additional year always paid in advance)

Why should I rent this domain?

This is one of the shortest domain you can get. They are extremely hard to get today. You can f.e. use it for shortlinks, micro qr codes or whatever you like, as long as it isn't illegal in any way and not against Isnic's rules. Short url is very useful in all kinds of manufacturing process, giving you the opportunity to use smaller qr codes and barcodes.

How does this work?

We will continue to be the registered owner of the domain. We will be the owner's legal contact. You will be the technical contact and therefore you will decide where to host the domain and how it is used.

For more information and discussions, please send an email to domainsforsale@serlausnir.is